Clinical Chemistry



Test Name Cat No. Format Specimen Kit Size
Fecal Occult Blood B00-610 1-Card Test stool 100 cards/kit
Fecal Occult Blood With specimen sticks and envelopes B00-630 3-Card Test stool 60 cards/kit

 Note: All above tests are not available in USA.



Test Name Cat No. Specimen Format
Microalbumin-Creatinine UXX-002 urine 25strips/bottle
Glucose U02-001 urine 100strips/bottle
Glucose/Ketone U02-002 urine 100strips/bottle
Glucose/Ketone/pH U02-003 urine 100strips/bottle
Glucose/Ketone/pH/Blood U02-004 urine 100strips/bottle
Glucose/Ketone/pH/Blood/Protein U02-005 urine 100strips/bottle
Glu/Ket/pH/Blood/Pro/Bili U02-006 urine 100strips/bottle
Glu/Ket/pH/Blood/Pro/Bili/Urobil U02-007 urine 100strips/bottle
Glu/Ket/pH/Blood/Pro/Bili/Urobil/Nit U02-008 urine 100strips/bottle
Glu/Ket/pH/Blood/Pro/Bili/Urobil/S.Gravity/Nit U02-009 urine 100strips/bottle
Glu/Ket/pH/Blood/Pro/Bili/Urobil/S.Gravity/Nit/Leukocytes U02-010 urine 100strips/bottle
Glu/Ket/pH/Blood/Pro/Bili/Urobil/S.Gravity/Nit/Leukocytes/Creatinine U02-011 urine 100strips/bottle

Note: All above tests are not available in USA.

Individual Urinalysis Strips Packaged in Individual Pouches

Test Name Cat No. Specimen Kit Size
Glucose RU2-01G urine  
Nitrite (UTI) per strip RU2-01N urine  
5-Parameters RU2-05 urine  
10-Parameters RU2-010 urine  
10-Parameters in pouch RU2-011 urine  

Note: All above tests are not available in USA.